What is a Vapolyptus™ Patch?

Vapolyptus™ is a patented product made from essential oils rigorously selected under pharmaceutical control. The Vapolyptus™ patch is designed to release essential oils into the surrounding air.

How is the Vapolyptus™ patch designed?

The Vapolyptus™ patch is designed to be easily applied to clothing. Just remove the patch from the pouch and stick it to the clothing that you want to apply it to. The essential oils are enclosed in the patch with a removable protective film.

Application du  timbre

How is the Vapolyptus™ patch applied?

The Vapolyptus patch is applied to the clothing preferably near the chest. It stays on the clothing and is easily removable when needed. Once the protective film is removed and the patch is applied on the clothing, the Vapolyptus patch gradually releases the essential oils in the air.

How does Vapolyptus™ work?

The Vapolyptus™ patch diffuses vapors from camphor, and from eucalyptus essential oils that are rich in aromatic compounds into the surrounding air. Each patch contains 187.5 mg of eucalyptus essential oils and 62.5 mg of camphor. These vapors in surrounding air provide soothing comfort to the user. The effect of each patch lasts for up to 8 hours.

Application du  timbre


  • Each unit contains 6 individual Vapolyptus™patches.
  • Vapolyptus™ is a consumer product, it does not require a prescription